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The Greek of P.Coello

The Greek of P.Coello

The Brazilian writer Paulo Coello, who, in 2002, won the Guinness Prize for most translated author in the world for “Alchemist”, returns with his new book, entitled “The Manuscript of Accra”.


His story takes us to July 14, 1099, when Jerusalem prepares for the invasion of the Crusaders. A Greek, known as Coptis, invites all the inhabitants of the city to gather. The crowd – made up of Christians, Jews and Muslims – responds and arrives in the square, in the belief that they will hear a speech on how to prepare for battle, since everything indicates that defeat is imminent.

But the Greek has no intention of telling them anything like that. He just wants to motivate people to seek the wisdom that exists in their daily lives, which has been forged by the challenges and difficulties they face.

He believes that real knowledge lies in loves, losses, moments of crisis and glory and daily coexistence with death.

“The loser is not the one who loses, but the one who resigns.”

Born in 1947 in Rio de Janeiro, Paulo Coello studied law but dropped out of his studies in 1970 to travel to Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Europe and North Africa. Two years later, he returned to Brazil and began writing lyrics for music. In 1974 he was imprisoned, for a short time, for undermining activities against the Brazilian dictatorship.

He worked as a director, theatre actor, composer and journalist. His books, combining in a special way religiousity, spirituality and meditation – mysticism, have sold more than 145 million copies worldwide, have been released in 168 countries and have been translated into 74 languages. He has been awarded many literary awards from various countries. In 2002, he became a member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters, and in 2007, he was declared a United Nations Messenger of Peace.

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