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The sleep of the Virgin

« The sleep of the Virgin »

Happy Birthday to all friends and friends


Celebrating today

At the same time, today, in addition to a celebration, is also a day of honour and remembrance for the cruiser “Elli” and for Cyprus.

Today Greece honors the “Assumption of the Virgin Mary”. It is the second Easter, that of August, since three days after the Assumption comes the Metastasis. All the churches, large, small, even the most remote chapels, dedicated to the Virgin Mary throughout Greece, wore their goodies, were decorate for her sake.

Today has been established as a religious festival and not as a mourning because after the three days of mourning comes the metastasis, that is, its Resurrection.

When Christ was on the Cross, he instructed the Evangelist John to receive the Virgin Mary at his house, where he lived with his brother James and Salome, who was a relative of the Virgin Mary.

When it was time for the Virgin Mary to sleep, angel of the Lord visited her three days ago and made known to her the Assumption and her “Resurrection”. Theotokos was very pleased because she wished more than anything to go near her beloved Son.

So she ran to pray on the Mount of Olives and when she got there, the trees leaned their tops towards the ground as if they were lifeless and bowed to her.

When Theotokos made known to the Apostles of the Lord that she was going to sleep, they were upset because in her face they saw the Lord himself, and that comforted them.

She told them: Do not mourn and regret her joy because in three days she will rise and go close to Christ.

Indeed when after three days the Apostles opened the tomb they found surprised that the Virgin Mary had risen and taken to heaven “Hail, oh Mother of Life”.

As the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Piraeus, Mr. Seraphim, Virgin (Theotokos=mother of God) gave birth to the life of the world. The mother who lived the persecution with her child, injustice, betrayal, extreme humiliation and the crucifixion of her Son and God.

She, too, raised the Cross with her child and marched to Calvary, through so much suffering, the face of perfect obedience, absolute subjugation, silent love, holy patience.

How many praises were written for the Virgin Mary, how many painters did not depict her in art, how many poets did not write about her.

Alexandros Papadiamantis who worshipped the Virgin Mary dedicated his poems and his well-known short story “Glycophilousa”.

The image of the Assumption was found on January 30, 1823 “with the suggestion of the Virgin Mary in the nun Pelagia” in the historical monastery of the “Lady of Angels” in Kehroroun, Tinos and by Royal Decree, in 1836 an eight-day celebration of the Virgin Mary was established in Tinos, up to the nine days of the Virgin Mary.

The day of the Virgin Mary and the torpedoing of Ellie

In Tinos, in parallel with the celebration of the Assumption, the Greeks also honor those who perished on the day of the Virgin Mary, when the Italian submarine Delfino torpedoed the cruiser Ellie.



Remembrance Day for Cyprus.

On August 15, 1974, Attila’s troops entered Famagusta. Two thousand Greek and Greek Cypriots were killed, over 1600 missing, 200,000 uprooted refugees.

They stole looted and carried out cold-blooded murders with intent on the civilian population, elderly women and children.

Text: The President of “EXALEIPTRON” N”, N.Y.,


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