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Paschalia Travlou – Literature Award


Paschalia Travlou – Literature Award

She states that she expects time to take responsibility for whether she is a writer alone, or a speechwriter, since she simply feels a servant of writing.

In fact, she’s an accomplished writer and an anxious speechwriter.

Discipline, devotion to the ideal of writing, social vigilance, abundant skepticism and subversion of stereotypes are the core values that spring from the work of Easter Stutter who, according to her interviews,

The need for expression through the written word led her to the Athens School of Philosophy where she studied classical Greek literature and graduated with honors, an apprenticeship that left an indelible mark on the style of her works. The dramatic element has a primary role and its techniques are often peculiar to those of classical dramatists.

Her postgraduate studies on gender issues and work and educational environments at the University of the Aegean followed.

Both in her first works, “With wildcard loneliness”, “I only wanted a goodbye”, “The Matzika of love” and “Locked drawer”, as well as in later “Even once”, “The Woman of the Lighthouse” and “Wings of Silk”, both her historical and social consciousness and reference are diffused, illuminating the heroes and the frameworks of their social actions.

Culminating in the “Wheel of Silence”, the “Glass Time” and the book “Medea never danced” which constitute a new, thematic and stylistic phase, Paschalia Traylou has emerged as a writer who does not rest on success by writers, but accepts writing challenges from a variety of literary, sociological and historical stimuli and experiments and tests fresh expressive models, sometimes wanting to express the pulse of the time and the signs of the times and sometimes to exorcise her ills of a human nature.

A mother and herself of a son, she often focuses on the multifaceted and catalytic role of motherhood in her works, crafting multiple models of mothers, characterized by authenticity within the context of her stories.

Combining scientific training with literary sensitivity, and offering women’s struggles a basis for expressing and defending their rights, Easter Trayl is a person who combines theory and practice, literary reference with an effort to improve a world where women need to take their place.



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