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Peggy Trikaliotis – Theatre Award

Peggy Trikaliotis – Theatre Award

The silence and frost of a dark theatrical scene is not only brought to life by the lights, the music and the sets. Theatre is art alive and takes life through the soul of the actor, who when he brings the divine gift and is consistent, lures the viewer and makes him experience other lives, situations and emotions, takes him to other worlds.
Among the actors who really carry the divine gift that differentiates them from the many is Peggy Trikaliotis.
Ethereal sensitivity, deep emotions, wintery emotional external load, touch of the viewer’s soul characterize its interpretations.
When art seeks the truth, artists like Ms. Trikaliotis have the gift of discovering it through internal processes and radiating it in all directions.

He was born in Athens. He studied acting at the Drama School of the Art Theatre – Charles Koon.
In the theatre he collaborated with distinguished directors, such as Giorgos Lazanis, Stamatis Fasoulis, Petros Zoulias, Nikos Mastorakis, Costas Tsianos, Andrew Visnevski, Giannis Diamantopoulos, Ellie Papakonstantinou, etc.

Her career is nothing more than
a stint in roles of great demands and equally great emotions.

Some of the plays he has played are: Clouds of Aristophanes, Ivanov of Chekhov, The violinist on the roof of Joseph Stein, Shakespeare’s Hamlet, David Hare’s Ami’s View, Caryl Churchill’s Skriker, The Children of a Lower God by Mark Mendoff, Antigone of Sophocles, Proof by David Iborn, Our Little Town of Thornton Wilder, Trojans of Euripides , Christopher Hampton’s Fatal Hunch, They play our song by Neil Simon, The Night of the Secrets of Aki Municipality, The Miracle of William Sullivan by William Gibson, (a performance that was played for two years and received the audience award of Athin
ora magazine). You love me, by Margarita Lyberakis, with Reni Pitakis, directed by Petros Zoulias.

This year he’s performing a very demanding monologue at the Faust Theatre. This is George Brandt’s award-winning “Landing”, directed by Katerina Fotiadis. For her performance it was written: Peggy Trikaliotis is an actress who rips herself into small pieces and offers him to us with generosity on stage. No real price.

In the cinema he has played in the films “End of Season” by Antonis Kokkinos, The Wing Of The Fly by Christos Siopaha, Polaroid and The Dream of the Dog of Angelos Frantzis.

On television she has starred in the TV series: Wedding Dress Rehearsal, Love Is Late One Day, The Great Anger, The Silence of Angels -George Vizyinos (National Magazine Award), 7th Commandment, Quicksand.

Peggy Trikaliotis has twice received the audience award for her theatrical performances.
She has been awarded at the Thessaloniki Film Festival, for her performance in “End of Age”, she has been awarded three awards by the Academy of Korfiatic Awards and one television.

She’s married to Thanasis Dosso and they have a beautiful 2.5-year-old daughter. For Peggy, the achievement and the prize of her life is her daughter!


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