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Rena Rossi-Zairi – Literature Prize

Rena Russian-Zairi – Literature Prize

The Author has the ability to take the world and close it in words. In words he paints the landscapes, in words he paints the souls. But it is his own perspective, his own language, his interpretation and his own soul, which when expressed create his o
wn unique, personal stamp and make him special and dear.

She was born in Athens, among the books, because her father had Russian Publications, while her grandfather was the eminent philologist and author Ioannis Russians. Before she gets to know her mother, she leaves for a trip without returning… For many years in her quest to feel the maternal love and security she so lacked, she closed her eyes and made with her imagination a living mother hugging her tightly, making her the French fries she adores.

The years pass, the American College of St. Friday ends, but he stubbornly refuses to grow up. Nineteen years old she becomes a mother to experience her childhood again, this time through her own child. At the age of twenty-one, she has her second child. Her adoration for children pushes her to study at the Athens School of Kindergarten and the London Montessori Centre. She has been working as a kindergarten teacher for
sixteen years, but also as an editor in many publishing houses.
Writing is not for her a professional choice, but a profound need to express her inner world. He has written ten novels for adults (now he completes the eleventh), over a hundred and fifty children’s books, he has translated over a thousand! The children themselves taught her to write about adults with the ink of her heart. To write with infinite twists, trying to understand her heroes, since they are “born” in the pages of each novel and grow up in company with its readers.
In 2010 it was released by Psychogios publications I LOVE IT WILL SAY HAND. And then there was the RED KORAL, the LITTLE ENGLISH, the VANLIA AROMA, the FEGARIA TWO. Novels that touched her in the hearts of hundreds of thousands of readers, who really touched their souls.
The sales of her books amount to hundreds
of thousands, which proves the appeal and love of the readership. In 2002 her name was listed on the IBBY Honorary Board (INTERNATIONAL BOARD ON BOOKS FOR YOUNG PEOPLE).
He has appeared in many TV and radio shows. All her books are published by Psychogios.

He believes that love is the only way of life, that the secret of happiness is to know that even adults are “big children”, that one must remind them of their lost and so precious innocence.

Next May, her new novel, IN THE AGALY OF THE ELIUM, is released. A novel that expresses her “thank you”, reflecting her love to all her readers.


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