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Science Award – Doris Hatzistylianou


Science Award – Doris Hatzistylianou


When science is served by people who are pushed into research out of love, then the miracle can happen, then a child may not lose either the light or his life.


I am referring, of course, to one of the most eminent scientists. She is one of only seven surgeons in the world who excel in treating the ophthalmic tumor of childhood retinoblastoma.

At the same time, however, she is famous for the boundless humanity with which she treats her patients.

Dr . Doris Hatzistylianou was born and raised in Athens. He finished italian high school, and then studied at the prestigious school of ophthalmology in Siena, Italy. After doing a second major in oncology, she continued her studies in America.

He has worked with some of the world’s largest hospitals, including Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research in San Diego, Moorfields Eye Hospital in London and has a permanent partnership with Hagia Sophia Children’s Hospital, Curie in Paris, Jules Gonin Ophthalmology Hospital in Lausanne and Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia.

At the same time, she teaches students in the 5th year of medicine who specialize in ophthalmology and pediatrics and is in charge of the ophthalmological oncology and retina unit of Siena’s polyclinic, Santa Maria alle Scotte.


This eminent scientist applies a revolutionary method of treating retinoblastoma, which is the most common eye volume in childhood and at the same time the most malignant. If the disease is not treated, it is usually fatal within two to four years after the first clinical symptoms.

In order to avoid the removal of the eye, to limit the side effects and cycles of classical chemotherapy, as well as to reduce the hospitalization time in order to significantly improve the quality of life of patients, Dr. Hatzistylianou developed her innovative method, by which it neutralizes eye tumors in time, saving the life and vision, eyes of small patients and even without undergoing the painful extraction of the bulb.

The effectiveness of Ms. Hatzistylianou’s method is enough to include her among the world’s most eminent scientists. But her contribution is even greater, since she is also famous for her human face, hence the designation “guardian angel of children”. She remains by the side of her patients and after the surgery, many times she hosts them in her cottage in Tinos, and has become the spiritual mother of several of the children she has saved!

It is obvious that Dr. Hatzistylianou is led through research into great discoveries driven by her deep love for children and man and not only makes us proud as a special Greek woman, but also gives us a great lesson in humanity!

She is married to The Italian Molecular Biologist Nikos Mastangelo and in addition to her passion for children and her science she is obsessed with winter skiing and water parachute in the summer.


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