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Athena Kanellatou – Shipping Award


Athena Kanellatou – Shipping Award

Greece has the oldest tradition among so-called maritime countries, with a history of at least 10,000 years.

A tradition that has recorded almost all of our history, from the spread of Greek culture, to the most recent struggles for our independence. Greek shipping continues to be an industry that grows and makes us nationally proud.

A modern Greek woman who with knowledge and vision excels in this field, is Athena Kanellatou.

He comes from Kefalonia and lives and works in Piraeus.

From her childhood she studied Business Administration and Finance at the Athens University of Economics and then specialized in Business Analysis, Internal Audit, as well as Project Management and Sales Management.

It was certified by the Economic Chamber of Greece, the Association International of Accountants and the Chartered Management Institute of Great Britain and is a member of the Association of Strategic Sales Management of the United States of America.

At 24 years old, she found herself working for the multinational company McGregor, the company that, with a century of history, identified with the safe transport of cargo at sea and has equipped 50% of the world’s fleet.

He took over as business analyst and controller for the Greek company of the group and despite her young age Athena soon achieved maximum improvement in performance indicators for the group and indeed on a global scale!

For more than 20 years, he has worked for the multinational company MacGregor, having taken over a number of key positions for the Greek office of the group.

With active participation represents the company in Intercargo.

She is a member of major professional bodies, the Propeller Club of Pirateus and Women International Shipping and Trading Association

In 2010 Athena Kanellatou took over the management of the Greek company, was the only female General Manager for the group and the only Director of State from the 50 offices around the world, who held the position at the same time and served as General-Commercial-Economic Director.

Holding the helm firmly led the company to restructuring by re-creating a working group that supports the Greek fleet throughout the life of the ships.

The main concern of the team is the coordination of MacGregor’s global network, to serve the daily needs of ships in spare parts and services everywhere in the world.

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, provides remote support and consulting services so that more than 1500 Greek-built ships can carry out cargo management work seamlessly, efficiently and safely in any geographical location.

Athena’s personal bet on transcendence and progress became a vision to make the MacGregor Piraeus office a multinational company with Greek Philotime!

It is fully aware that trust and respect is conquered with constant commitment and effort, with values of integrity and quality work, wanting to be useful, innovative and creative.

With the ability to adapt and insist on difficult pilot projects that serve Greek-acquired shipping and which are then implemented worldwide by the group.

Supporting the Greek fleet every day, i.e. 16% of the world’s fleet, the responsibility and challenge for ships that are seaworthy and safe for humans, cargo and the environment is great.

As she declares the pride in serving the Greek Maritime Miracle is even greater!


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