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Tina Kodaku-Kozi Women’s Entrepreneurship Award


Tina Kodaku-Kozi

Women’s Entrepreneurship Award


Entrepreneurship is recognised internationally as a key factor for the economy.

As unemployment and insecurity for the future increase, entrepreneurship is a solution to healthy economic growth.

Female entrepreneurship in recent years has been a rising phenomenon.

Women-developed enterprises contribute to the stability of local economies and at the same time the national economy, create jobs and play a creative role for women in today’s difficult economic environment.


Her business idea managed with her stubbornness and continuous work, to transform into professional success, a Piraeus, Mrs. Tina Kodaku-Kozi.

Mrs. Kodakou-Kozi, was born and raised in Piraeus and comes from The Look of Mani.


She was involved in economics and psychology, but her love of flowers led her steps to the creation of her first small florist in Freattyda at the age of just 24. With no previous experience, no personal, or family relationship with the subject, she believed in her dream, set up a very small business and devoted herself to it. Her stubbornness required seven days of work, 14 hours a day, 365 days a year.


Flowers were blooming , and so was operation EdenFlowers, which the world loved and supported. A few years later he opened a second store and later in the crisis the third, always in Piraeus. The main store of the business that is the soul of florists expanded, and includes in addition to the workshop and retail store, a wedding salon. Activities are now not limited to the sale of flowers, but concern decorations and all kinds of events, throughout Attica. It is now one of the first florists in Greece to organize weddings.

This success is also the reward of a difficult and laborious journey.


The evolution of Mrs. Tina Kodaku-Kozi is an example of how a woman can succeed and be vindicated when she has vision, will, planning and stubbornness.

She states: In this difficult time we live we are glad that we manage to be creative, while creating jobs and offering to our city that we love so much.


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