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Elena Serepisou – VolunteerIng Award

“LOVE” Elena Serepisou – VolunteerIng Award

When the problems are insurmountable and social welfare is minimal, non-existent, or even forbidden by our partners, when households, families, lives collapse around us, yes it is good to think of love, but even more important is the act of love! True love is always interwoven with offering, sacrifice, selflessness.

So how can no one bow to the greatness of the soul of a working woman, the mother of three underage children, who struggles to care for needy families who cannot secure a living.

The reason for Mrs Elena Serepisou who on her own initiative, with her own money and a lot of effort managed to create in Zofria, in the Municipality of Trii, the social house “LOVE”.


In “LOVE” people who have been hit by the crisis have the opportunity to buy clothes, food and in general any kind of material good that will relieve them even for a while. Not a little, not much, 87 families are supported with self-sacrifice, in an area where there is nothing like it to ask for help.

LOVE voluntarily supports four other women, who themselves face financial problems and yet find time and strength to offer to fellow human beings.


Mrs. Elena Serepisou’s personal confession, in an interview, says it all: “The house is mine. I’ve always wanted to offer. I couldn’t stand to see people suffer, not have to eat. So I made the decision and created it. At first I opened my closets, got clothes, shoes. Then I started knocking on the doors of relatives and friends and they gave me too.”

“I already sleep two hours a day to save the essentials for the 87 families. And thanks to the support of my family, the financial and psychological, but also the strength I get from my children, so far I’m doing it. I’m trying to give hope and a smile to people I wouldn’t want anyone to be in their place.’

What could we add to these words, lessons of life, humanity, self-sacrifice, volunteering, offering, selflessness, love, soul? How humble and meaningless can the biggest thumbs up sound? Who imagined that modern Greece does not give birth to heroines?

Because Elena Serepisou is a true heroine, a everyday, real person, whose heart is full of stalactites of love and who may not realize how worthy and great she is.

We warmly embrace the embrace of “LOVE” and offer an award – a symbol of our recognition, support, admiration and love.




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