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Literature Award – Fotini Tsalikoglou

Literature Award – Fotini Tsalikoglou

As a little god, the Author has the ability and the gift to shape worlds through words and only with words. It encodes on paper virtual worlds and yet so perfectly emotionally functional.

A special writing figure, who has already left her mark in the field of literature, is Fotini Tsalikoglou.

In addition to being a Writer, she is a Psychologist and Professor of Psychology at Panteion University.

Born in Athens, originating in Caesarea, Cappadocia, Companion of her life is the husband of Professor Konstantinos Tsoukalas. She has a daughter Myrsini Kostopoulou who is a psychologist and has two little girls Chrysanthi and Fotinoula, while within a few weeks she is preparing to bring Ellie into the world. Chrysanthi when she grows up wants to be a doctor and a writer, and Fotinoula wants to be an astronaut, gardener and writer.

He studied psychology at the University of Geneva and specialized in Clinical and Forensic Psychology.

Her involvement with psychology was deeply affecting her as a writer. After all, from very early on he was taught by the great Jean Piaget, the importance and magic of human thought, the infinite possibilities that our minds have from the beginning of life, to compose, to understand, to invent.

At the University Clinic of the University of Geneva she was confronted with human suffering, which was to profoundly affect her, both as a scientist and as a writer.

As a scientist he promotes the study of mental disorder through an existential and above all humanitarian perspective, through several writings.

But apart from her great scientific work, which manifests itself through a multitude of actions, there is her purely literary face, a more mysterious person, who is liberated from the rules of science, dealing with man without limits, with the man who wonders about himself, in his anguish.

The paths of the inner adventure of human existence are captured by the coupling of knowledge and literary discourse and in a special way of its own.

Human suffering is ubiquitous.

“Prepare for the extreme, little Eurydice. For the unspeakable. For the one that doesn’t fit into words and is hard for you, almost impossible, even to imagine. This is life, little Eurydice.”

This is life, the author teaches us in her book “The Move” to tell us a little further down that we can change the data that hurts us and that even if we do not have “The Gift of Vertha” to “Never let dreams leave you”.

Her writing is riveting, dense and fine-written, the way of recounting poetic and magical, at the same time decoderic, lures you on internal journeys, often through allegory, without even realizing it.

With her close friend Margarita Karapanou they co-authored the interactive book “Did” where love, madness, loneliness are approached through a skewed female gaze. After Margaret’s death, Fotini issued the letters of her mother Margarita Lyberakis to her daughter “You don’t love me, you love me:

The Strangeness of Maternal Love” A documentary work on the double, the stormy sweeping, (ravage) of mother daughter relationships.There was a play with Reni Pitakis in the role of mom and the award-winning “EXALEIPTRON” Peggy Trikaliotis in the role of Margarita, and directed by Petros Zulias.

With her first novel. The daughter of Anthes Akkaios (1996), where a little girl struggles to heal her depressed mother, F. Tsalikoglou indicates a peculiar sentence of writing.Pathology is overturned and the disease appears as the magic mountain of man.

In “I Martha Freud”, the unknown wife of the father of psychoanalysis takes shape, breaks her silence and returns to claim what she never could, while she was alive, to do.

Following is the novel “The Gift of Vertha”,

the fairy tale “The Fairy of the Earth” and the novels

“Cupid pharmacist”, “I dreamed I was fine”,

“All the yeses in the world”, “The Happy Island”,

“8 hours and 35 minutes”,

Her latest project is “The Move.”

Many of her works have taken to the stage and inspired theatrical performances. In the Art Theatre she went up in the context of the theatrical analogy, her work “8 hours and 35 minutes.

Her books have been translated into several languages. English, Italian, German, Turkish and circulate in Europe and America.

The novel “8 Hours and 35 Minutes” (The Secret Sister), released in Europe and America, was distinguished by World Literature Today as one of the most remarkable translated books of 2015. His Italian translation (Sorella segretta) by Maurizio de Rosa was awarded the State Prize for the translation of a work of Greek literature into a foreign language. Her latest novel “The Move”

Throughout Fotini’s work, the processing of loss offers another “otherwise” enriching view of the world and the self.Fotini Tsalikoglou varies a work, a writing and a presence, where mourning, love, death, become organic elements of a life that “is never as beautiful, nor as ugly as we imagine it, but is all we have”.



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