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Literature Award – Philomila Lapata


When she was little and asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she replied: “I’ll write stories.” Perhaps it was not written to realize her childhood dream early, but much later, during major changes in her life. But what does it matter? Dreams get big, they don’t get old, and the time comes when they come true. Philomila Lapata. A special and beloved writer.

She declares Greek by birth, by ancestors, by conviction. The fruit of a Macedonian woman and a Greek citizen of the world, he was born in Athens and grew up in Piraeus, in the neighborhood of Kastela.

From a young age, she liked reading and writing, and for gifts she preferred extracurricular books to travel with her imagination. These opened her horizons and later inspired her as a writer. In 1998, for work purposes of her Italian husband, she moved to Naples, Italy, where she began writing. He lived eight years in Naples and then four in Sardinia. He returned permanently to Greece in 2010.

The complexity of interpersonal relationships has been of concern to her for a long time, and this reflection is reflected in her books. All eight of her novels are based on true stories, and have been put on the list of the best-selling.

A very important element is that her books are based on thorough historical research, through which we are transported not only by the climate of each era, but literally re-developed with every detail and historical precision, the era to which she refers.

Philomila Lapata has written eight novels:

  • The daughters of water,
  • Lacryma Christi,
  • In the name of the mother, based on the history of the Greeks of Naples of 1850.

The three novels mentioned above constitute the “Trilogy of the Greek Diaspora”.

Here are the Dangerous Words,

the barefoot of Athens, based in Athens of Belle Epc of the period

  • The widow of Piraeus, 2012, based on the history of Piraeus in the 1910s.
  • The Daughters of Greece I – The Return, This is a trilogy based on the last two hundred years of Greek history.
  • Daughters Greece II – The Divide, 2018 is the second part of the trilogy.

In Philomila’s books, nothing is random. It is not only the so important historical research and historical accuracy that characterizes them, but also the multidimensional way that the author creates and animases persons and situations, instilling their truth and its truth within them.Brilliant, vivid narratives, heroes that open their souls to you and lure you to identify with them and ultimately the awareness, the awareness acquired by life itself.”

In the complex magic filter of the author’s spirit, where words are transformed into rails, carrying experiences, lyrical images, tensions, conflicts, emotions, keep you ecstatic and at the same time make you discover your own aspects, feel wiser, coming out of this potentially unexpected, but also redeeming journey.

A valuable, but also revealing, phrase for the author herself, when mentioned in her latest book, THE DOUBLE, outlines both her and her work.”The unshakable value of my heroine and, of course, mine: Hellenism is culture and culture is moral, it is style, it is attitude of life. I never forget it and I do so.”

He has been honored with awards:

  • Premio “CITA DI BACOLI” 2005, per la Cultura.
  • Premio Internazionale “SEBETIA TER” 2006, per la Cultura-Arte e Literatura.

Since 2010, Philomila Lapata divides her time between Greece and Sardinia. Athens adores her and has dedicated four of her eight novels to her.

She’s the mother of a son and grandmother of a granddaughter. She declares herself a permanent student of life and grateful for what she has experienced so far, as all these experiences, both positive and negative, have brought her to where she is today and made her who she is.


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