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Maritime Tradition Award – Irene Daifa


At first glance it stands out for its finesse, its manners, its spidery and polite, but at the same time dynamic and impergetable appearance. Irene Daifa, daughter of the late Eleni and Stavros Daifas – who for nearly six decades was in the middle of the events of Shipping – was born in Athens and studied Psychology and Sociology in Greece and Business Administration in Great Britain. A decisive role in her life was played by her parents, who, both individually and as a couple, were real role models for her. For this reason she considers it to be an extremely fortunate “mixture” of two very special people, which, combined with the upbringing from her family and the education she received, is her greatest legacy.

Perhaps this legacy led to the reversal of stereotypes that one would expect to hear afterwards. While we would have expected to find Irene Daifa from the beginning, in the office of a large family shipping company, she worked and gained professional experience as a Social Officer at the “Autistic Children’s Foundation” of Agia Paraskevi, as well as in the “Rehabilitation of Minor Girls”, in the section “Women’s Prison of Korydallos”, experiencing shocking experiences, decisive for the way she approaches human suffering and problems. Experiencing every day the extremely harsh reality of less privileged people, with many painful problems, physically, psychologically and living, she cried almost every night. An accomplished psychologist told her at the time that she had a small “Mother Teresa” syndrome and that she was putting herself in a inferior position, as well as that because of her intense empathy, she personally experienced the problems of all these people. As she states, “There is nothing more important than the physical, spiritual, mental and biological excellence of man! Only then do you understand what it means to be really lucky! I have seen, heard and experienced situations so cruel that no one is allowed to talk about. In combination with my mother’s illness, which I unfortunately experienced from a very young age, I was very familiar with the perishable nature of human nature, which also contributed to my “early landing” at a difficult and tender age, resulting in a very rapid maturation”.

In parallel with her studies, she was active in the field of Shipping, taking over, after the emigration of her late father, the family business, in which she continues to this day, as President/CEO of STAVROS DAIGAS MARITIME CORPORATION S.A. In the highly dynamic, exciting, demanding, risky and competitive world of Shipping she was helped by her love for the sea and for her father’s great work as a shipowner.

Her relationship with Piraeus begins first of all with her love for the city itself. Today in Piraeus, as The Municipal Councillor of Culture of the Municipality, participates in cultural events trying to upgrade the quality of life of the citizens, the aesthetics of the city, as well as to emphasize its huge historical identity, since culture, culture and art are in its genes.

In 2016 he was elected President of the “NATILIAKI LESCH PIRAIA” – which brings for the first time in the annals of the Club a woman in this position. As she states: “The personal need of the offer, with all my strength, to the community and my love for the city of Piraeus, which I inherited from my father, prompted me to become involved in the Commons and I felt great joy and honor when the Piraeus elected me Municipal Councillor, which became even greater when I was proposed and given the position of Municipal Councillor of Culture of the Municipality of Piraeus. For similar principles and values, when almost three years ago I was proposed to run for the Piraeus Maritime Club, despite my already heavy schedule, I did not hesitate at all. My election and my nomination as the first female Chairman of the Board of Directors, is particularly honorable but also binding in terms of the values and visions that we invite all Members to serve, because the Piraeus Maritime Club symbolizes the unity and agreement of the people of Hellenic Shipping. It is for me a very important place, which was very dear to my late father, which enables me to offer everything I love: Shipping, Piraeus, Culture, Social Offer, Communication!”.

Today, he actively participates in about 40 associations and institutions, such as: General Secretary of “HELMEPA” (Greek Association for the Protection of the Marine Environment), Vice-President of the non-profit cultural association “FRIENDS OF THE REPUBLIC THEATRE PIRAIA”, assistant member of the Association of Friends of Children with Cancer “ELPIDA”, assistant member of the “ELPIDA VISION”, member of “ELEPAP”, supporter of “MAKE A WISH”, supporter and sponsor of “MEDASSET” (Mediterranean Association for the Salvation of Sea Turtles) , member of the Board of Directors GREEK COMMITTEE FOR THE EDUCATION OF YOUNG KENYANS “COSTAS DOMBROS” (has undertaken the “adoption”/scholarship of 4 children for all their education) and many others, offering valuable charitable and social work, which is a life attitude for her. Among other things, he has been a member of the Board of Directors of Amateur OLYMPIAKOS for four years. Like her father, she is close to young people offering scholarships in his memory; In addition, he is a member of the Academy of “LLOYD’S LIST – GREEK SHIPPING HALL OF FAME“, a judge of “LLOYDS LIST – GREEK SHIPPING AWARDS 2017″ and “2018”, as well as a judge of the London-based institution “GREEK INTERNATIONAL WOMEN AWARDS”.

Irene Daifa is a multi-figure! It serves the maritime tradition having inherited from its late parents all the valuable supplies and non-negotiable values to succeed in the places it operates: Charity, Social Solidarity, Culture, Shipping, Business!


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