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The First Women's Awards 2014

First Awards "Women's Awards EXALEIPTRON" 2014



In a glittering event, in the crowded Atrium of the Municipal Gallery of Piraeus, took place on Saturday, April 12, 2014, the award of the "WOMEN'S AWARDS"2014, which established the "EXALITYTRON" Piraeus Women's Group for Arts, Letters, Culture, Sciences.




The "EXALEIPTRON" Group established the awards in order to highlight female role models, encourage women towards creation and honor special personalities.




The Awards were received (in order of award):



Science Award. Evangelia Tsoukala, Associate Professor of Paleontology at the University of Athens for her important excavation and research work in Western Macedonia. The award was given by Mr. George Theodorou, Ph.D. in Paleontology – Stratiology and Director of the Museum of Paleontology Geology of the Kapodistrian University of Athens.




Culture Award mrs. Vicky Bfatakis, Archaeologist – Communicator, Secretary General of the Giuseppe Sciacca International Awards at the Vatican, for her voluntary contribution to culture and intercultural relations of peoples and as an international ambassador of Greek culture, who introduces Greece and great Greeks abroad. The prize was given by the Mayor of Piraeus, Mr. Vasilis Michaloliakos.




Prize for Literature, Mrs. Lena Manta, Author for her writing work, combined with her huge impact and interactive relationship with her readers. The award was given by the President of the Philological House of Piraeus, Literary and Poet Mr. Nikos Papagiannakis.




Theatre Award mrs. Maria Protopappa, Actress and Director for her overall career and contribution. She is a charismatic actress, who has offered unparalleled interpretations, of high artistic value and unparalleled aesthetics. The award was given by the Artistic Director of the Municipal Theatre of Piraeus, Director Mr. Takis Jamargias.




Illustration Award Efi Lada, Illustrator of the Children's Literary Book for the unique, dreamy and magical images he crafts. The award was given by the Actor and Director Mr. Nikos Orphanos.




Maritime Tradition Award Krissy Emilio Ioannidos, Author – Researcher of Maritime History, for her historical research and rescue of our Maritime Tradition and Heritage. The award was given by the Commander of the Naval Cadet School, Rear Admiral P.N. Giorgos Leventis.




Volunteering Award Elena Serepisou, founder of "LOVE" (social home) for the voluntary and selfless offer of love to our fellow human beings. The prize was given by the Representative of the Most Reverend Metropolitan of Piraeus, Mr. Serafim, Archimandrite of the Holy Metropolis of Piraeus, Father Daniel Psinos.




Women's Entrepreneurship Award Tina Kodakou-Kozi, who managed with stubbornness and toil, to turn a small florist in Piraeus into a large and extremely successful business. The award was given by the President of the Piraeus Bar Association, Mr. Giorgos Stamatogiannis.



The 2014 "Women's Awards" were presented by journalist Giannis Moutsos, whom the "EXALEIPTRON" Group warmly thanks, both for its excellent presentation and for its voluntary and selfless, valuable participation.




The awards, which take the form of Karyatida, were selflessly crafted by the visual artist Stavros Georges.





The event was honored with their presence, Archimandrite p. Damascenos Makridakis, the Members of Parliament Panagiotis Melas and Anastasios Neradtzis, the Community Councillor Mr. Giannis Kouvatsos, the Mayor's Special Adviser on Education, Mr. Kostas Paraschos, the Chair of the School Committee, Mr. Despina Arvanitou, the Head of the Municipal Gallery, Mr. Michalis Tsekouras Stamou, the Governor of Metaxa Hospital, Doctor Mr. Nikolaos Vlachakos, Commander PN Nikolitsa Gomosiotis, the President of the Association of SMYN Mr. Eleftherios Sfaktakis, the President of P.E.L.T. Anastasia Mantoudis and members of the Board of Directors of P.E.L.T., the President of "Multiform" Mr. Blonde Manta, the member of the JiuseppeSciaccak International Awards. Fani Adamopoulou, the Author Mr. Natasha Goutzikidou, the Poet Sofia Spyros, the Musician Dimitris Lautaris, the Reporter Aris Kotsolakos, the Visual Artists Popi Hatzidakis and Elena Konstantakou, the Curator of Public Relations of People with Diabetes, etc. Vasiliki Ganotopoulou, the candidate Mayor of the Tribe Mr. Savvas Savvas, the candidate Municipal Councillor of Piraeus, Mr. Olga Leontopoulou, entrepreneurs Mr. Giannis Elias, Mr. Panagiotis Predaris and Mrs. Dimitra Konstantakis, members of the Group and many people and friends of EXALEIPTRON and Culture.


We thank them all very much.








Thank you to the sponsors: "LeVotre" – "EdenFlowers"



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