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Maria Protopappa – Theatre Award

Maria Protopappa – Theatre Award

Under the lights of the theatre everything can look bright, but when it fades, what finally nests in the soul of the viewer, what remains and is never forgotten, is the inner light, emitted by truly talented and blessed personalities.

Such a personality, a bee of art, actor and director, who through unstoppable internal processes and toil, creates drop-drop art of high aesthetics and offers true aesthetic and emotional emotion to the viewer, is the uncluttered Maria Protopappa.


He was born and raised in Korydallos.

Spirit restless, free and unbound since her childhood, she could not help but find a way out of art and become a true and dedicated artist.

The wider public loved her from her performances, which left an era, in the serials “Ten” based on the novel of the same name by M. Karagatsi and “The Island” from the book of the same name by Victoria Hislop.

This particular mysterious personality, who travels from the stage to New York and India, in search of her being, the actress with truth and directness in the look, had already been sculpted through a very important course in the art of acting and especially in the theater.

She graduated from Saint George Commercial College and the Drama School of the Art Theatre in whose performances she appeared in the first six years of her career. He attended courses at the PCFE Film-making School of Prague, the Open University of England (Foundation Course in Sociology) and the Puskin Institute. He has done acting seminars with: M. Lyberopoulou, A. Recho, I. Terzopoulos-A. Demitova, I. Promptova. He worked as an assistant director at The Slaves, Z. Genet of L. Vogiatzis at the Kefalonia Theatre, as co-director in the monologue “MAIROULA” with L. Kitsopoulou at the National Theatre and set up the monologue “Papadiamantis” for the Serifos Festival 2012. He also directed Iphigenia in Euripides’ Court.

As an actor he collaborated with directors such as Giorgos Lazanis, Giannis Houvardas, Thomas Moschopoulos, Stamatis Fasoulis, Giorgos Lanthimos, etc.

As “M.A.I.R.O.Y.L.A.” by Lena Kitsopoulou, she cut the public’s breath away with her interpretation. As Rosa in Xenopoulos’s “Hail Nymph,” he surprised and fascinated him as Christine in August Strindberg’s “Miss Julia.”


Her acting career includes more than 30 major projects, including:

• “Iphigenia in Avlidi” by Euripides, “Nepeles” by Aristophanes, “The Twins of Venice”, by Carlo Goldoni, “Troadites” by Euripides, “Suddenly last summer” (T. Williams), ,• “Electra” by Sophocles, “Contact” by Marbert, “Closed Doors” by Jean-Paul Sartre, “To You Who Listen to Me” by Lula Anagnostakis, “Doulas” by Genet, as assistant director of Lefteris Vogiatzis, “Clavigo” by Goethe, “Bacchus” by Euripides, “Platonov” by Anton Chekhov.


Electra won the first audience award in 2013 for her performance in Mourning.

He has taken part in nine films, such as Before the Night, by Timos Koulmasis, “Pares” by Sotiris Goritsa, Dancing on Ice, Stavros Ioannou, The Signature, Stelios Charalampopoulos, etc.

Television first appeared in “Blood Slander”, followed by “Surface”, Forget Me, The Kiss of Life.


The modest and so special actress Maria Protopappa, has stated that art can change our way of thinking, our aesthetics, our gaze, and the depth of understanding of things. When she was once asked when she realized her need to engage in art, she replied: “I couldn’t determine when. I know that I was happy to “be” in my body only when it danced or sang”, thus proving what does not need confirmation, that a pulsating soul was born, to serve art in its own wonderful way.


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