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Efi Lada – Illustration Award

Efi Lada – Children’s Literary Book Illustration Award

Some drawings… etched in memory indelibly.

They are the images of children’s books, which so strongly motivate and excite our imaginations when we are children and travel us in a unique and dreamy way to worlds we have never known and perhaps will never know.

One such illustrator, whose images contain all that magical stardust along with fairy masks and touches of a unique, special and at the same time wonderful aesthetic view is Mrs. Efi lada.


Efi Lada was born in a small village of Achaia in the Peloponnese.

He studied design and color at the painter’s workshop

Giorgos Vogiatzis. He took part in group painting exhibitions.

But it was the children’s book that interested her most since 1991.

He did the illustration in more than 70 books and on many covers.

He is a member of the non-profit organization “Plant Your Roots in Greece”, has made cards for the Children’s Village S.O.S, is a member of the Greek section of IBY, (Greek Children’s Book Circle), a member of the “Women’s Literary Society”, a member of the Artistic Chamber and a member of the Society of Authors and Illustrators of Children’s Books.

He has taken part in many exhibitions and competitions in Greece and abroad.

He received the Illustration Award from the Greek section of IB BY (Children’s Book Cycle), for the book “The Rain of the Stars” and Indication in the honorary painting of IBY, for the Illustration of the book “The Rain of the Stars”

He’s a member of the State Awards committee.


Her books are too many, more than 70, as mentioned above, so there will be an indicative reference to only some of the most important titles.

“The painting that travels”-“The “Why” of children”,”Pirulito and Rosalia”-“Anna and the gift of the moon”-“The Christmas of King Saligaros”

“Words of silk”-“The rain of the stars”

“Minu and Prince Potitos “Nikita’s plane tree”

Images of fantasy intoxicating, colors that take you to unexplored worlds, shades searched and masterfully matched. Yes, the fairy tale can fit into an image, but it can also transcend the boundaries of the fairy tale, creating its own parallel universe, its own fleeting, alluring mysteries and at the same time fascinating reality.


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