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Lena Manta – Literature Prize

Lena Manta Literature Prize


More than 1,500,000 copies of books in a small country, such as Greece, are an astronomical number. It is therefore logical to talk about a writer phenomenon and it is also easy to guess that it is Mrs Lena Manta.


Lena Manta was born in Istanbul, but at the time of her five years she came to Athens.

The first time he wrote something, it was a fairy tale, when he went to fifth grade. In her fairy tale, a little girl was traveling on a sinking ship. The little girl reached the bottom and there she met Poseidon! Her unbridled imagination, which would one day touch our souls, has already learned to weave stories, stories that would one day find a place in libraries and hearts.

He studied kindergarten, but he didn’t practice. The need for expression initially found a way out of the puppet show. For three years she had her own troupe with which she presented either her own original works or her own adaptations of folk tales. But it seems that her creative imagination, which pushed her to animate characters and pulling the strings, needed much more space to unfold, she needed many, many pages of books.


In 2001 she released her first novel. It was “The Day I Met You”

Since 2005, however, “Vals with twelve gods”, Lena Manta will become a rushing torrent and then an unrestrained river.

Almost every year a new novel comes to shake things up.

Theo, the wolf of the city – The house by the river

The other side of the coin.

Love like rain- It was a coffee in the hovoli

The last cigarette- He can’t, he’ll lay.

The house by the river- No applause.

As long as the soul endures- My name is Data- and “The Five Keys”, which will be released in a few days.

Her book “THEANO, THE LYKAINA OF THE CITY” has also been translated into Turkish, her books THE HOUSE DOUBLE IN POTAMI AND QUESTION AS WARNING are published in Albanian and VALS WITH DODEKA GODS, which has also been translated into Chinese.


The author has found a unique way to communicate with her readers. It’s not just communication channels, it’s almost a direct contact. This is the only way to explain readers’ statements, such as “it changed my life”. The author herself has confessed in an interview about her readers: “They tell me that heroes are familiar, recognizable and that they make thoughts that once passed through their own minds. Some identify with them. Others find in my stories answers to something of their own.”


But success doesn’t seem to change the author’s life. She remains in the same house, wife and mother, caring for her family and friends. Writing success is combined with a second success. That of modesty. Lena Manta is a writer who flies over cities, who penetrates souls, who can be lost in the sea, love and feelings and at the same time is a woman who steps firmly on the earth!



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