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Sports Award – Filio Manioloudaki

Filio Manioloudaki

He was born and raised in one of the most beautiful cities in Greece, Chania. The sport she liked as a child, but eventually the sport that would win her, water polo came into her life when one summer morning on the coast a ball was found next to her, which she grabbed and threw back. At that magical moment it seemed that water polo chose it and defined it forever.

The path of sport requires laborious efforts and goals require sacrifice. At first things didn’t go so well with the national youth team. She and her twin sister realized they had to spend a lot of time, if they wanted to make it, and decided to steal a year from their studies at our university for the sake of polo. The following summer, came the reward, winning 2nd place in the Pan-European Junior Women’s Championship.But without having her beloved sister around, who until then did everything together, with the support of her words “go play for me”, she tried every day to get better, to make her proud, as well as her family who were always there for her.

2005 was to be a landmark year after the women’s team won the World Cup Gold Medal. At the same time, its transfer to the Glyfada team was completed. Two years later comes her transfer to Olympiacos, the team she supported since she was a child. Her big dream had come true! In 2014 he becomes leader of the team and developments will be stormy. Seven Greek Championships, One Greek Cup and Three European Trophies!

In 2009 it is established in our National and with a group of girls they write their own story. Fourth place at the World Championships, Two silver medals at the pan-European games in 2010 and 2012, two bronze medals at the World Cup, culminating in winning the world summit in Sange in 2011.

Through difficulties and sacrifices, Filio achieved her goals and not only that. Polo brought to life the true friendship, but also the acquaintance with her husband.

Worried from a young age, instead of resting on her few laurels, she enrolled at the University of Piraeus, in the Department of Maritime Studies, from where she graduated.

As she says: “Effort, perseverance, patience, goals and sacrifices are concepts that without them I would have achieved nothing. I will always be grateful for all the failures I have experienced, because thanks to them we become better, stronger and wiser!


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